‘Made In The Midlands’ – We’ll Be Back!

Attending exhibitions is considered to be one of the best ways to get your business ‘out there’ – but it’s a huge commitment in terms of time, manpower and, of course, cost.

13227292_1016310611785775_8666239435815291733_o (1)This year, we bit the bullet by attending the ‘Made In The Midlands’ exhibition and are we glad we did! Made in the Midlands is a full-day event which brings together the very best of Midlands manufacturing and engineering services from across a wide variety of sectors, including Aerospace, Automotive; Rail, Marine; Medical and Oil & Gas. Continue reading “‘Made In The Midlands’ – We’ll Be Back!”

‘It Was Second Time Lucky For Me.’

Many’s the success story that has an inauspicious beginning and the story of Sue Loftus’ wonderful career at Coinadrink is one of them. She started with us in April 1994; but it might have been earlier: ‘The first time I applied for a job, I was turned down’, she says. ‘It was second time lucky for me.’

It was lucky for Coinadrink, too…

In the latest article in a series that turns the spotlight on our staff, meet Coinadrink’s Customer Care Manager: Sue Loftus

Continue reading “‘It Was Second Time Lucky For Me.’”

Why Be A Free Rider, When You Can Have Your Say?

People sometimes raise their eyebrows when I tell them Coinadrink is a member of three trade associations, but I’ve always appreciated the benefits of ‘getting involved’.

Historically, a trade association is an organisation founded and funded by businesses that operate in a specific industry, or in the same geographical area. Members agree to put self-interest to one side, in order to act collectively for the greater good of their industry, their region or even their country Continue reading “Why Be A Free Rider, When You Can Have Your Say?”

Walk For Promise Dreams? We Promise You Won’t Go Thirsty!

Here’s news of our latest promise in aid of our favourite local charity, Promise Dreams.

It’s a sponsored walk called Walk for Promise Dreams and it’s scheduled for Sunday, October 16th – so it you want to join us, there’s plenty of time to get fit!

You’ll need to be on your mettle though… Our starting point is Himley Hall and from there, we walk to Wombourne. From the Penn Road, we’ll see lots of Wolverhampton landmarks, and rest assured: there are a few pubs along the way and there’s even a MacDonalds if you need to eat something!


When we get to Wolverhampton, we walk towards Chapel Ash before we go past the Wolverhampton University Arts building, with its famous ‘fairy lights’. Next comes Stafford Road, with a wonderful view of Molineux. From there, it’s a gentle downhill stroll to Wolverhampton Racecourse. Continue reading “Walk For Promise Dreams? We Promise You Won’t Go Thirsty!”