Contemporary tabletop machines from Coinadrink.

Coinadrink have witnessed the advancement of hot drinks vending since 1962, though no aspect is more remarkable than that of tabletop machines. Innovative technology is packed into a compact package, delivering coffee shop quality to your staff in under 40 seconds! Their slender frames can easily slot into the busiest of workplaces, but the impression they’ll leave is anything but small.

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New Ridge Range – A Flavoursome Treat!

Crisps: a very popular snack. Crisps are found in over 70% of kids’ lunch boxes in the UK, and while our favourite is individually personal, it is widely regarded that Walkers are some of the most popular. Walkers are said to produce 10 million packets of crisps every single day, and use more than 350,000 tonnes of potatoes every year to produce them. The most popular flavours in the UK are Ready Salted, Cheese and Onion and Salt and Vinegar, and figures from Mintel reveal that British people in the UK eat a tonne of crisps every three minutes. When you look at statistics like this, we’re sure that new Ridge Range crisps courtesy of Mackie’s will prove extremely popular!

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All the weird and wonderful vending machines to grace our planet!

From when the first vending machine appeared in the 1880’s, they have come an extremely long way. Hot drinks machines now dispense coffee shop quality, and fresh food and snack machines deliver big brands in a pinch of the time. The evolution of vending has also extended to strange and quirky options though, many of which you can actually envisage a purpose for. Some are a bit pointless, yes, but they add to the fun! Take a look below for some of the best ones we have found…

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Stylish refreshment solutions that turn heads.

Our 55-year history has seen substantial change in the vending industry.  Mostly for the better. Hot drinks machines can now craft quality beverages that taste as though they have derived from the coffee shop, and fresh food machines have arrived to offer a viable choice come lunch time. Pair this with technological advancements, such as contactless and mobile payment options, and vending is now the pinnacle of quality, simplicity and security. What we want to talk about today, though, is the emphasis suppliers are putting on stylish design… Continue reading “Stylish refreshment solutions that turn heads.”