A warm welcome to the Storm Bottom-Load cooler from Crystal Mountain

For more than 20 years Crystal Mountain has earned the reputation of producing high quality products and superior levels of customer service and their know-how has consistently been called upon when producing their high end water coolers. Their new product to the range, the Storm Bottom-Load cooler, is no exception.

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Whitworths – guilt free snacking

Everybody likes to snack on goodies during the working day, yet that irresistible chocolate bar or packet of crisps may have you feeling guilty come the end. In all honesty, the words ‘snacking’ and ‘guilt’ often pair hand in hand and a new company has arrived fresh on the scene to change that perception. Whitworths provide a wide range of great tasting snacks to suit all taste buds. The best bit? Each and every option available is less than 100 calories?

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The Many Benefits of Having a Vending Machine in Your Workplace

If you didn’t already know, vending machines are machines that can dispense a variety of items, including; sweets, chocolate, fruit, nuts, fizzy pop, water, tea, coffee, and more. All a customer has to do is insert a coin, type in the code to their chosen item, and then enjoy as the machine dispenses it to them! These machines have come a long way, and even offer the option to pay by card so you don’t have to tip your wallet/purse upside down to find change. There are many benefits of having vending machines in your workplace; read on to find out what they can offer you:

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Independent Research Establishes £500 per annum saving with Marco’s Ecoboiler

Independent research has established considerable savings on energy consumption to be made by using Marco’s T10 Ecoboiler rather than one of its branded competitors.

In fact, when compared to the worse performing water boiler on test, the T10 could save caterers almost £500 per annum is energy costs.

Leading European manufacturer of water boilers, Marco Beverage Systems, has had it best-selling water boiler, the Ecoboiler T10, independently tested to verify its energy efficiency. The results have astounded Marco’s technical team, since the energy saving claims the company has been making have been vastly understated. Continue reading “Independent Research Establishes £500 per annum saving with Marco’s Ecoboiler”