AVEX 2017 is just two weeks away…will we see you there?

AVEX is the biggest vending exhibition in the UK, and showcases the pinnacle of the industry. This years’ event will be taking place at the NEC, Birmingham from the 12th to the 13th September, and we encourage you to book your free place now! Whilst AVEX is a pretty big deal for those in the vending industry, it’s an even bigger deal for you as the consumer, because all the innovation on show is designed to make your vending experience just that bit better. Coinadrink and our branch division Express Refreshments will be attending as one on Stand 225, proudly placing ourselves amongst technological advancements that push the industry even further ahead.

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Express Refreshments page is now live. Take a look now!

Express Refreshments is a branch division of Coinadrink Limited and, contrary to false statements, is solely responsible for the UK’s very first Micro Market! Prior to its unveiling at Genesis in Stoke-On-Trent, Coinadrink saw the opportunity to provide alternative refreshment solutions in the workplace. Every business is different in terms of size, industry and location, and the Market was created to make sure every business had adequate refreshments in the workplace.

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The Micro Market – Revolutionising Workplace Refreshments.

Coinadrink have innovation engrained into our DNA, and Express Refreshments, our own branch division, is responsible for the UK’s first Micro Market! We saw the potential of the Market in its ability to completely change the face of workplace refreshments, and we were right.

More Choice.

We wanted to make workplace refreshments easily accessible for every business, such is the reason the Market was designed. The unmanned, self-service convenience store places over 400 products in the hands of your staff, and acts as a ‘refreshment hub’. Hot drinks, cans and bottles, fresh food, snacks and confectionary are readily available in an aesthetically pleasing layout, and we can stock your market with extensive healthy options.

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Why not try a different hot drink from your machine?

For many, our favourite hot drink is as unique to us as our fingerprint, and it extends much further than simply tea, coffee or hot chocolate. How much sugar do you take? What about milk? If you’re someone who enjoys a cup of tea, which brand does it need to be? The questions are endless, and making a hot drink for someone else can be like stepping into no mans’ land. What we want to know, though, is how you’d feel about trying something a little different…

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