Vending machines for legal services providers

The legal services market has been undergoing a reform and process of modernisation in the UK, led by its governing body. The aim is to put the customer at the heart of the legal system and so, it is not surprising that legal practices are more focused on creating the right first impression.

For clients and visitors, the stylish design of the modern vending machine is useful in creating that all-important first impression. It is also important to recognise that clients and visitors have become accustomed to the sophisticated flavours and aromas, created by high street coffee shops. The latest vending technology has now been able to replicate this level of quality.
It also plays a role in staff retention, creating an atmosphere of value, for the more than 100,000 thousand solicitors, and supporting personnel, working in more than 9,000 private practice firms across England and Wales.

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How office vending machines can boost staff morale

Vending machines play an important role in the workplace and are one factor that can positively affect staff morale, which ultimately leads to increased productivity.

Recent research published as part of the Happiness at Work survey, conducted by the London-based New Economics Foundation, indicates at just how important staff morale is. Happiness directly relates to productivity with happy employees having 31 percent higher productivity levels and 37 percent higher sales, while being three times more creative.

With 50 percent of staff saying that they do not feel valued, a modern vending machine should form part of a business’s strategy in retaining top talent.

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