To Tick A Box, Or To Save A Life?

Sometimes, qualifying for accreditations, such as OHSAS 18001, can deliver tangible benefits – as Workshop Technician Trudi Beet testifies in the latest of our articles about Coinadrink’s ‘Long Service Club’ members.

In a recent blog post, Coinadrink MD Roger Williams considered accreditations and their value to the business. ‘Take ISO for example’, Roger wrote. ‘Some companies take the view that accreditations are an unnecessary distraction, mere ‘boxes that must be ticked’.’

Roger believes that external audits reassure our customers that we’re taking our responsibilities as a supplier and as an employer seriously. ‘We can point people towards our various accreditations and say to them, ‘don’t take our word for it…’, Roger says. Continue reading “To Tick A Box, Or To Save A Life?”

Our Survey Said:

Last November, we invited customers to complete a Customer Care Survey. Here’s what we discovered…

It’s always been our philosophy as a company to take a regular, critical look at ourselves and our business and there’s no better way to do this than to ask the people who know us best – our customers – exactly what they think of us.

So, every year, we distribute a Customer Care Survey and for every completed survey we donate £5 to charity. (Last year, through our association with Promise Dreams, we were able to ‘make a promise and deliver a dream’ to a determined young lady called Olivia. You can read Olivia’s moving story here. )promise_dreams

It’s great to be able to help out and the feedback we get from our customers via the survey is massively important to us.

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Here’s One Record That Can Never Be Broken…

Remember the story we shared back in November, about our annual ‘Long Service’ dinner? (Click here to read it). We were making the point that the number of Coinadrink staff, who are entitled to attend the ‘do’, (because they’ve been with us for at least twenty-five years), now stands at fourteen. Add to that partners and, of course, Roger and Yvonne and it’s quite a get-together; which is, we’re sure you’ll agree, a pretty amazing fact in this day and age.

So here’s another pretty amazing fact for you: it’s about Stuart Westwood, our popular Service Manager. When he joined our long-service legends in 2013, he was the youngest of the lot. In fact, it’s not possible to be any younger and be a club member…

stuart coinadrink (1)
Stuart Westwood

Allow us to explain: Stuart was born on the 27th of August, 1972. He joined us straight from Willenhall Comprehensive, starting on 26th of July, 1988, aged 15 years, 11 months. So, add 25 to that, and you have it. Achieving 25 years of service at Coinadrink, aged 40 years and 11 months, is a record that’s never going to be broken. You see, since Stuart’s day, the school-leaving age has been raised…

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WWW? It’s ‘The Wise Words of Williams!’

PART TWO: ‘The Coinadrink Way.’

Roger Williams, Coinadrink MD

I can’t help but smile when people tell me that one of their business goals is ‘the achievement of consistency.’ I smile because, in my eyes, ‘consistency’ means your business has hit a brick wall.

In my opinion, a successful company isn’t one that tries to do everything in the same way, day after day – a successful business is one that’s always trying to do everything better.

There’s an old adage: ‘there are no such things as problems, only opportunities.’ Take ISO accreditations for example. Some companies take the view that accreditations are an unnecessary distraction, mere ‘boxes that have to be ticked’: but that’s never been the Coinadrink attitude…

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