The new Vitro – stylish, practical and irresistible.

With such a dynamic range of tabletop hot drinks machines, it’s hard to select a standout performer. However, the stunning Vitro is certainly mixing with the stars. Featuring a touchscreen selection process and a smoked glass and chrome finish, this tabletop combines elegance with practicality. It shows upon first glance, it shows upon first use and shows upon first sip.

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Take a trip down memory lane with Roger Williams!

February 2017 saw us celebrate our 55th birthday, and this incredible achievement has been just reward for hard work and a great customer-centric attitude right from the word go.

Owner Roger Williams has been at the helm the whole time, and has continually maintained a forward-thinking attitude to provide you with the very best vending experience. We have a range of dedicated departments committed to each and every aspect of your service, from our friendly and helpful operators re-stocking the machines, to our all-knowledgeable engineers helping you with any problems. When you purchase or rent one of our products, we’re here for you throughout your entire contract, showing why we’re more than just a vending company.

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Dynamic water dispensers help to relieve secret symptoms of dehydration!

Hydration. It’s a topic we’ve all heard of and all know the importance of, though that’s still not enough for some people to act on it. We may be a company that specialises in fluids with our water dispensers, but we understand how easy it can be to push it to the back of your mind when a heavy workflow kicks in. So, allow us to make it easy for you. Our coolers make it simple to enjoy deliciously cold water on demand, all from elegant, contemporary designs.

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Simplify your ‘vending’ experience with our innovative Micro Markets!

Vending has come a long way over the years, providing businesses with quality hot and cold refreshments in convenient, contemporary machines. Despite this, we at Coinadrink have often felt that there was a gap in the market for something different, something bigger, and something that doesn’t really feel like vending at all. Sure, our fantastic range of machines are more than good enough for most companies, but we strive to cater for everyone, and don’t want to leave anyone behind.

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