McVities Nibbles – bitesize delight!

The need for snacking in the workplace is of growing importance, which is why we’re so keen to roll out new options for your staff to enjoy. We’ve had Stroopwafels, Maynards and McCoys, and now McVities Nibbles will soon be joining the rest of the range.

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The Primo – A shining LED light for your business.

Coinadrink provide stunning hot drinks machines that are perfect for all types of businesses, and now we’re delighted to announce that we have a new one added to our range. The Primo hot drinks machine courtesy of Westomatic is up there with the pinnacle of the industry. Many machines, especially those in a tabletop variety, craft hot drinks from a stylish, elegant finish, and the Primo is no different.

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Just Small Change – an update on the Focussed Ladies success.

The ‘Focussed Ladies’ have gone from strength to strength, and the below update shows the scale of their success. To go back and see how the story began – click here.

The women are always keen to enjoy more and have methods in place to try and do so, but the scale of how far they have come is clear to see. This is all thanks to the excellent work of Just Small Change.

Read below to get the latest update on the Focussed Ladies.

Jane Achieng Otiu

Now, Jane is comfortably making a healthy profit of Kshs 300-400 every day, thanks to expanding her stock and selling products such as fruit, crisps and fries. This is her only source of income so she doesn’t live a life of dreams, though her profit margins are enough to cover the rent and basic living costs. If the charity continues with its success, a bigger loan of Kshs 40,000 would enable her to put a cover over her stand, to protect it from the wind and rain.

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Britvic unveil an alternative way to hydrate – coming soon!

Just at the right time, Britvic have released a refreshing cold drink as an alternative to the existing options on the market. Dehydration is no laughing matter, and we’re thrilled that more and more people are starting to listen up and take notice. In the workplace, it’s especially important.

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