Tired of Frappes and Smoothies? 5 alternative drink ideas for the perfect summer

With summer fast approaching and the long range forecast promising some sunshine for a change, it seems like a good time to talk about cold drinks. Although coffee is enjoying such a boom in popularity that sales have tended not to dip too much over the warmer months, it is still wise to think about maximising profits by offering something cool and refreshing alongside your normal espresso based offerings.

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Coinadrink help to promote Just Small Change…

Charity work has always been an aspect that Coinadrink are particularly keen on, and we are proud to say that we are doing our bit for yet another good cause, Just Small Change.

The microfinance charity aims to support the growth of businesses in developing countries, offering many an escape route from poverty. They ensure that small scale loans are provided, as well as saving schemes and business training to ensure that poorer countries have a ray of hope in economic development.

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The different aroma’s of coffee…

As a hot drink, many would argue that coffee has it all. Working as a pick-me-up, it offers a perfect source of energy and provides varied unique flavours that are individual to all of us. While there are many benefits to drinking coffee, it is the aroma that draws many of us in. Capable of perking is up the moment we capture its scent, good coffee must go hand in hand with the aroma and if it fails to, it simply wouldn’t be a good coffee.

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