‘Never Give Up On A Good Thing…

Remember what makes you happy.’ That’s how the song goes – but is that the reason Norma’s still on the payroll after almost 45 years?

When you’ve been in the job for as long as Norma Graham, you don’t need to be micro-managed. In fact, her colleagues see her just once a year at best – and that’s at the Christmas ‘do’.

You see, Norma is our longest serving employee. We’re not allowed to tell you how old she is, (76 and three-quarters), so let’s say that when she first got the job, England were the reigning football World Champions. It was 1970…

‘Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters… ‘ That’s Norma far left.

‘Mick pleaded with me to ‘just do another week for us.’ I think he’d have preferred to have a midwife to go round with me.’ Norma Graham

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The Annual Coinadrink Long-Service Dinner. (We’re Going To Need A Bigger Table…)

Remember what Roy Schneider’s character, Brody, said in the movie, Jaws when he first saw that Great White shark? He said: ‘we’re gonna need a bigger boat’ and because the list of eligible attendees for our annual Long Service Dinner is getting longer, we’re gonna need a bigger table!

It’s an annual tradition at Coinadrink that, in the run-up to Christmas, those of our employees with ‘long service’ are invited to join Roger for a celebratory knees-up. The bar for qualification to this august event stands at 25 years and what started as a low key, everybody-in-one-taxi occasion years ago, has blossomed into one of the events of the social calendar.

So much so that this year, 14  employees (and their better halves), will join Roger and Yvonne at the Fairlawns Hotel in Aldridge.

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The quality of coffee starts right from the beginning

Good coffee vastly depends on how well it is harvested from the start, so it’s no understatement to say that this is one of the most important parts of its production. There are two ways in which the cherries can be selected and the most common one is simply manually picking. This is where the farmer will take their time in checking each cherry for maximum ripeness, to which they will then take each one manually. While this is the slower option of the two, it does guarantee of a high quality cherry to which will then produce equally fantastic coffee.

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New – The FLAVIA Barista

The latest edition to the Coinadrink range is the new Flavia Barista.  The Flavia is a single-serve office brewer that can provide delicious coffees, teas, lattes, cappuccinos and authentic espresso’s.  Perfect for small to medium sized sites, these machines are a great fit for offices and reception areas.

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