The Shaylor Group: ‘We would not hesitate in recommending Coinadrink.’

We still think of micro-markets as ‘new’, so when we searched ‘micro-markets’ on our website news page we were surprised to be taken right back to January 2014.

It’s true: we’ve been banging the drum about this refreshingly simple way of keeping busy people fed and watered for over three years!

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Long Service Club: Caroline Richards Is A Stickler And We Hope She Keeps On Stickling!

Meet Caroline Richards, the latest addition to Coinadrink’s burgeoning Long Service Club. (You can find out more about our Long Service Club HERE). She’s our ‘Quality and Training Coordinator’ and thanks to her experience, her commitment and her ‘natural’ ability to share skills with new starters, she’s made the job her own.

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Roger Williams Shares His Vending Memories

Coinadrink has been in business for 55 years and to mark this magical milestone, MD and Founder Roger Williams agreed to go in front of the cameras to share some of his memories. We cut them into bite-size segments: you can watch them in any order. Enjoy!

Foreword, by Roger Williams

When we opened for business, Harold Macmillan was PM and according to him, ‘we’d never had it so good’. I suppose he had a point: inflation was low, at just 1.1% and pretty much everybody was in work. The average price of a house was £2,670 – although such a sum would have bought you something pretty impressive in Walsall – and the average wage was £799 a year. A pint of milk cost 1/4d (that’s 6.5p in ‘new’ money!) and a pint in the pub would set you back 2/4d, (11.5p).

The best selling record of the year was Frank Ifield, yodelling ‘I Remember You.’ It was September before anybody had heard of a group of scruffs from Liverpool calling themselves ‘The Beatles’.

And, whilst all of that was going on, we began to build our business…

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It’s A Double Web Whammy!

Great news! We’ve now completed a major refresh of both our company website and our online store.

‘Our main aim was to improve overall usability for our customers, while ensuring the sites work well on a wide range of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets’, Web and Graphic Designer James Barsby told us. ‘From a visual design perspective, we’ve made the sites more intuitive by combining strong colours with clear, easy-to-read typefaces.’
The Coinadrink website includes a new drop-down menu system designed to accommodate our ever-expanding range of machines. There’s a wealth of information available, which we believe will prove to be a valuable resource for our existing customers – as well as those interested in installing new equipment. ‘We’ve structured the site in such a way that you can find what you need quickly, without having to hunt through  over-complicated menus’, James said. ‘By paying careful attention to the wording of text and product descriptions, the site is now much easier to find in popular search engines, such as Google.’

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