Refreshing Times Summer 2013

Soft DrinksCans of drinks

With the summer weather expected to be making a grand appearance over the next few weeks, excitement levels are rising and its clear cold drinks will be on the agenda to make us enjoy the temperature just that bit more.
Coinadrink offer a wide range of soft drinks – all the famous brands – but also a good selection of lesser known varieties, so you can be sure there is something to suit everyone’s taste.

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Introducing the all-new Galaxy hot chocolate OOH range

Leading food and drinks manufacture Aimia foods has upgraded and enhanced its already successful Galaxy out of home hot chocolate products, and claims that Galaxy can grow sales versus generic, non-branded products by as much as 30%. This comes after Galaxy Hot Chocolate Vending and Galaxy Hot Chocolate Table Top have been a lot more popular and have been brought far more closely in line with the confectionery brand values.

Water Cooler Options

With the area bordering on another hot period, we thought it would be amongst your best interests to go through with you the types of water coolers that we offer. There are many different types of water coolers available, ranging from the traditional types with an 18.5 litre bottle of spring water on top, to a plumbed in cooler usually referred to as a point-of-use cooler. Despite the options available to you, one thing your guaranteed with both is pure, clean and refreshing drink water. Perfect for a hot day.

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New Range Of Birchall Tea

‘BIRCHALL TEA’. The retail packets are sold in Marks & Spencer Food Halls and other high end retailers where they command a premium price due to their exceptional quality and packaging

All Birchall teas produce brighter, stronger, golden infusions that are“gutsy” and full of flavour. Unlike competitors, they do not compromise on quality. Birchall teas are 100% pure main grade black leaf tea, no powder, dust or stalk is added. All are produced from high grown, younger and more modern camellia sinensis clones in ideal climatic, soil conditions, and no pesticides are used.