International Coffee Day.

International Coffee Day isn’t till Sunday 1st October, but as it’s Friday and we’re all winding down for the weekend, we thought you’d like to settle back for a little light hearted reading on something we all know and love!

International Coffee Day is all about appreciating the popular hot drink throughout the entire world. There is a lot of work that goes into your cup of coffee, right from the coffee farms to the supermarket, and International Coffee Day toasts the hard work. There are 77 Member States of the International Coffee Organisation and on Sunday they will all come together to celebrate the event which has now been running for 3 years; the first registered event was 1st October 2015 in Milan, Italy.

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MacMillan Coffee Morning from Coinadrink Limited.

The official day for this year’s MacMillan Coffee Morning is Friday 29th September, but we chose today to enjoy our staff’s excellent baking talents along with a delicious cup of coffee!

They did themselves proud, and our showroom was littered with gorgeous cakes ranging from carrot cake to coffee and walnut cake. Paired with expert coffee served from a range of our premium machines in the showroom, it was a tasty morning, and we’re grateful to our staff for taking the time to bake. The only slight issue was there was too much to enjoy, so family members are sure to be enjoying what is on offer tonight!

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Black Country Chamber Annual Exhibition – just two days to go!

It’s been a busy month for Coinadrink. The success of AVEX was only two weeks ago, where we proudly showcased the revolution in workplace refreshments, the Micro Market, as well as our alternative refreshment solutions. Since then, we have been working hard towards the Black Country Chamber Annual Exhibition, which is now just two days away.

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Do you know what goes into your favourite coffee?

Our favourite coffee is as unique to us as our fingerprint. Maybe it’s a Café Latte with two sugars, an Espresso with a double shot, or perhaps you enjoy a Mocha instead. While many of us know what we want at the hot drinks machine, though, how many of you know exactly what goes into your chosen variety? As we wind down for the weekend, settle back, and let us teach you all about those key ingredients. We’ll give you a taster: Espresso is apparent in every one!

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