Chocolate Digestive – the classic arrives.

Ask people what their favourite biscuit is, and the classic chocolate digestive courtesy of McVities will steal a lot of opinions. In fact, in many recent surveys, it did. In a light-hearted twitter competition undertaken by Richard Osman, he presented many polls to his 594k followers as to what was the best ‘bikkie’, and the grand final was between the chocolate digestive and the chocolate finger. With a majority of 51%, the digestive won, with the only shock being how close it was.

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On National Refreshment Day, what could you be enjoying?

National Refreshment Day annually falls on the fourth Thursday every July, and is all about celebrating the refreshments available during the hottest month of the year. There is nothing better than a nice cool drink on a glorious summers’ day, and the refreshing sensation is especially moreish in the workplace. When the stuffy conditions of the office leave us feeling drained, you’re at greater risk than you think, and a cold beverage is what you need just as much as you want. Coinadrink understand that, and have done for over 55 years.

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As the summer holidays arrive, take note of our hydration reminders!

For those that are being picky, summer officially started on the 21st June, but does it really feel that way when the kids are still at school and you’re still awaiting that long craved for holiday? No, it doesn’t. This country often has a habit of delivering radiant temperatures when we’re at work, only to then crumble when the summer holidays arrive. The past month or so has been particularly tropical, and with the importance of hydration in the workplace being further emphasised, isn’t it about time you took note?

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Black Country Day – Marking our history!

Being located in Walsall, West Midlands, it’s understandable that Black Country Day is a very big deal for us at Coinadrink Ltd. It is the heart of our foundations, and is the base of expert refreshments that we deliver up and down the country. Through 55 years of trade in the region, we have built up valuable working relationships through business networking events and exhibitions, and we are proud to call the Black Country our home.

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