AVEX – the vending exhibition that’s centralised around you.

When you’re asked whether you want to do something or not, it’s only natural to wonder what is in it for you. Why else should you do it? When we tell you that you really ought to sign up for this years’ AVEX, though, rest assured that there is a lot in it for you. In fact, the largest vending exhibition in the UK is largely aimed at the end user, to provide a better vending experience for you and your company.

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Refreshments. The need is greater than you think.

Do you have refreshment solutions in your workplace? It’s a question we’re keen to find the answer to, and it will say a lot about the wellbeing of your workforce. You may not realise this, but businesses that answer ‘no’ to the above question will find themselves at a serious disadvantage to those that do provide refreshments. In plenty of concerning ways.

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AVEX 2017 is just two weeks away…will we see you there?

AVEX is the biggest vending exhibition in the UK, and showcases the pinnacle of the industry. This years’ event will be taking place at the NEC, Birmingham from the 12th to the 13th September, and we encourage you to book your free place now! Whilst AVEX is a pretty big deal for those in the vending industry, it’s an even bigger deal for you as the consumer, because all the innovation on show is designed to make your vending experience just that bit better. Coinadrink and our branch division Express Refreshments will be attending as one on Stand 225, proudly placing ourselves amongst technological advancements that push the industry even further ahead.

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Stylish refreshment solutions that turn heads.

Our 55-year history has seen substantial change in the vending industry.  Mostly for the better. Hot drinks machines can now craft quality beverages that taste as though they have derived from the coffee shop, and fresh food machines have arrived to offer a viable choice come lunch time. Pair this with technological advancements, such as contactless and mobile payment options, and vending is now the pinnacle of quality, simplicity and security. What we want to talk about today, though, is the emphasis suppliers are putting on stylish design… Continue reading “Stylish refreshment solutions that turn heads.”