Walsall Networkers Exhibition. A date for your diary…

We’re always keeping an eye out for exhibitions in the local area. They’re a fantastic way to meet like for like businesses, get your name out there, and ultimately drum up business around the region. We have another coming up on Friday 16th June, courtesy of Walsall Networkers, so get your diaries out and make a note of it. We attended the event last year and enjoyed a substantial level of success, so it’s certainly something that you won’t want to miss.

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Let Coinadrink help you to say something nice!

For years now, the 1st June has always been the day to say something nice! It’s an opportunity to disregard any bitterness or hate and try and see the positive in everyone. In the workplace, this is something that is especially important.

Whilst your working environment may not be catalyst for the greatest of moods, having a positive outlook on your colleagues, and showing it, can be pinnacle for achieving results. We at Coinadrink have been promoting a higher level of morale with our extensive range of refreshments for 55 years, and many a working day is centralised round a hot drinks machine or water cooler.

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Super Stroopwafels coming to a machine near you!

Listen up! Our snack machines look set to house a new arrival shortly, and it’s certainly a delicious one. Stroopwafels originated from the Dutch city of Gouda in the 18th century, and are a waffle like treat whereby a caramel syrup is enveloped between two pieces of dough.

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Install a cooler, and top up your mind…

Water: something so simple, yet so powerful. Revitalising our mind and body in ways little else can, water is the key to unlocking a higher productivity level in the workplace, and this is something that any employer simply cannot afford to pass up. We’ll tell you now: you need a water cooler in your workplace.

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