Recipe of the week – Raspberry and Orange Iced Tea

More and more delicious, summery drinks are appearing and here at Coinadrink were very keen to share some great ideas for you and your workplace to enjoy this season.

Its amazing just how adventurous you can be when it comes to preparing your own drinks, and we feel this is one that you’ll love.

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Whitworths – guilt free snacking

Everybody likes to snack on goodies during the working day, yet that irresistible chocolate bar or packet of crisps may have you feeling guilty come the end. In all honesty, the words ‘snacking’ and ‘guilt’ often pair hand in hand and a new company has arrived fresh on the scene to change that perception. Whitworths provide a wide range of great tasting snacks to suit all taste buds. The best bit? Each and every option available is less than 100 calories?

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Macmillan coffee morning is soon to be here again!

It is tragically estimated that by 2020, over one in two people will suffer from cancer at some point in their lives. Macmillan has been committed to providing care and attention to those diagnosed with cancer for years and years, so that nobody has to deal with it alone.

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