The hottest new trend in vending has arrived

Micro Markets are here and they’re ready to re-shape your food-vending experience. From the leaders in healthy vending, they will provide a futuristic approach that again shows how far the industry has travelled over the years. Fresh Micro Markets are self-service, unattended machines that enable you to enjoy fresh, healthy choices in corporate locations suited to you. In short, they’re brilliant and Coinadrink are joining the hype with our new Express Refreshments market.

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New range of Lion Biscuits

Introducing the new range of biscuits.
Lion Products are a long established and respected family business in Belgium. Their products are international and recognised for quality in both wrappers andbiscuits. Lion Products source the finest traditional biscuits from all over Europe.

Biscuits a la Carte are the traditional Speculoo original recipe with a light touch of spice. Unique in quality and design. There are 9 delightful embossed patterns in every case of 300 biscuits (sleeve wrapped 6 x 50)

Tea moments

Tea Moments 8 biscuits (120 total) A selection with a touch of cocoa.

Cafe Noir 

Cafe Noir A crisp biscuit base with a fantastic iced coffee top. (120 per case)






Delight 8 biscuits (120 total) a delicious selection with several chocolate coated biscuits.




A warm welcome to the Storm Bottom-Load cooler from Crystal Mountain

For more than 20 years Crystal Mountain has earned the reputation of producing high quality products and superior levels of customer service and their know-how has consistently been called upon when producing their high end water coolers. Their new product to the range, the Storm Bottom-Load cooler, is no exception.

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Tired of Frappes and Smoothies? 5 alternative drink ideas for the perfect summer

With summer fast approaching and the long range forecast promising some sunshine for a change, it seems like a good time to talk about cold drinks. Although coffee is enjoying such a boom in popularity that sales have tended not to dip too much over the warmer months, it is still wise to think about maximising profits by offering something cool and refreshing alongside your normal espresso based offerings.

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