Recipe Of The Week – French Vanilla Nut Cappuccino

A well made Cappuccino is one of our favourite ways to drink coffee, but that doesn’t mean we can’t improve on perfection. Why not try something a little different today with this delicious alternative.

* 1 Pump of Sweetbird French Vanilla syrup
* 1 Pump of Sweetbird Hazelnut syrup
* Double expresso
* Foamed milk

Combine espresso and syrup.
Top with milk and dust with brown sugar

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Refreshing Times Spring 2014 – Express Refreshments, Bringing the store to you…

Coinadrink’s new Express Refreshments micro market service has been attracting a lot of media attention lately, but if you haven’t heard about it yet, here’s a quick rundown.

Targeted at business parks, and larger sites with a high number of staff, Express Refreshments provides a full shopping experience at the workplace. We will install a bespoke store in any suitable area available. Staff can then choose from hundreds of products, all on open display. These include tasty fresh sandwiches, baguettes, wraps, microwaveable meals, fresh milk, chilled drinks, bean to cup coffee and other hot drinks, as well as all the famous brands of snacks, crisps and confectionery that you can think of.

To read more download the latest edition of Refreshing Times

Recipe of the week – Raspberry Chai Iced Mocha

With the warmer weather on its way and hopefully here to stay, why not try out our Summer inspired recipe, for those sunny and bright days to come.


* 2 Pumps of Sweetbird Chai syrup
* 1 Pump Sweetbird Raspberry syrup
* 1 Pump Sweetbird Chocolate sauce
* Milk
* Ice
Method: Combine syrup and sauce, pour over ice, top with milk, stir and serve.

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A tasty treat on Pancake Day

Pancake Day originated over 1000 years ago, when housewives would use up their cooking fats that they did not use during lent to cook pancakes. Also known as Shrove Tuesday, it is a day of great tradition. The word ‘shrove’ means ‘to confess’ which makes this day one of religion too; people will attend church and confess their sins. To add to that, it is also a day of great joy; in 1445 the very first pancake race was contested in Buckinghamshire where you have to flip your pancake in a pan and reach the finish line first.

Away from this, Pancake Day is a very tasty occasion that all ages revel in, so let us at Coinadrink help you enjoy it to the max. At our Refreshment Shop, we offer incredible tasting syrups and condiments to enjoy with your pancake such as jams, chocolates and sugar.   Why not tempt your taste buds further and compliment your pancake with a delicious tasting caramel latte.

Caramel Latte

2 pumps Sweetbird Caramel syrup
Double espresso
Steamed milk
Combine the espresso and syrup in a cup and top with steamed milk.

Top tip! Drizzle with Sweetbird Caramel sauce for a little va-va-voom!

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