Recipe of the week – Pink Lemonade

Often regarded as the ultimate source of cool refreshment, pink lemonade is perfect for those deliciously hot days. And with the chilly autumn months seemingly placed on hold while summer stays on show, allow yourself to drift off into heaven with this sumptuous treat.

Putting a twist onto standard lemonade with the addition of raspberry syrup, many people quite rightfully believe it tastes all the better for it. After all, why just use lemons when you can add raspberries as well?

In order to enjoy this summery indulgence, simply scour the recipe below and don’t forget you can order all your ingredients from

* Sweetbird Lemon Smoothie
* 1 Pump Sweetbird raspberry syrup
* Chilled water
* Ice
* Slices of lemon
Method:Half fill cup with ice, add smoothie to half way, add syrup and top up with water.
Stir and serve with a slice of lemon.


Coinadrink staff prepare to ‘Walk for Dreams’

On 21st September 2014, Coinadrink will be completing the 9 mile walk in order to raise money for terminally ill children as part of ‘Walk for Dreams’ and these are just some of the staff that will be taking part! Coinadrink, or rather, The Vendies, are grateful for all your support in the matter and we can only hope for hot, or at least dry, weather to help make a great day!

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Simply tweet to eat a packet of Walkers!

In an interesting attempt to boost their ‘do us a flavour’ campaign, Walkers are offering people the chance to win a free packet of crisps from a range of their new flavours. And all you have to do is tweet.

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Recipe of the week – Praline Frappe

September is usually a time when the weather turns for the worse and winter is fast approaching. But not this year it seems…

Hold off putting your summer gear in the bottom of a drawer and remain hopeful of the fact were actually due an Indian summer, giving us a few more weeks of that beautiful, blissful sun. Because of this, there is clearly little reason to replaces those refreshing cool beverages with hot ones and the Praline Frappe is a stunning cold drink that really puts you back on a beach where life seems oh so perfect…

Take advantage of the heat by following this simple recipe to heaven and don’t forget you can find all the ingredients you require on our online Refreshment Shop. 

1 Pump Sweetbird Hazelnut Syrup 
1 Pump Sweetbird Caramel Syrup 
1 Scoop Zuma Chocolate Frappe
Professional Blender

Fill cup with ice, add syrups, top up with milk and pour into blender jar. Add frappe powder and blend until smooth. Pour back into cup and serve.