Recipe of the Week – Minty Double Chocolate Mocha


2 Pumps Sweetbird Dark Choc Sauce
2 Pumps Sweet Bird Chocolate Sauce
1 Pump Sweetbird Mint Syrup
Double Shot Espresso
Steamed Milk


Combines sauces, syrup and espresso in a cup, top with steamed milk. Drizzle with a pattern of both sauces.

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The different aroma’s of coffee…

As a hot drink, many would argue that coffee has it all. Working as a pick-me-up, it offers a perfect source of energy and provides varied unique flavours that are individual to all of us. While there are many benefits to drinking coffee, it is the aroma that draws many of us in. Capable of perking is up the moment we capture its scent, good coffee must go hand in hand with the aroma and if it fails to, it simply wouldn’t be a good coffee.

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Recipe Of The Week – Dark & White Chocolate Au Lait

Enjoy this Valentines Special…

3 Pumps Sweetbird Chocolate sauce
2 Pumps Sweetbird White Chocolate syrup
Steamed milk

Mix sauce and syrup, add milk and stir well. Add squirty cream and marshmallows to your hearts content.