Snack on premium quality with Coinadrink.

Whatever snack you fancy, Coinadrink have you covered.

We all think about snacks at some point, now even more so on the back of National Snack Day last Sunday. Whatever your guilty pleasure is, Coinadrink have always made them easily accessible through our practical range of snack machines, and we’ve extended the options with the arrival of our Micro Market back in 2013. We understand the importance of workplace refreshments and have done throughout our entire history, and our snack machines are a great option for a mid-morning treat or part of your lunch time meal.

Coinadrink’s range of snack machines.

Snack machines from Coinadrink.
Snack machines from Coinadrink.

Coinadrink have been providing quality products through our snack machines for decades. What’s more, we tailor our refreshment solutions to suit your requirements! Bespoke innovation allows us to understand the activity in your snack machine, so we always know which products are proving popular and which aren’t. This allows us to stock our vans accordingly, so you’ll never be without your favourites. Additionally, in the demand for healthier eating, we can also stock your machines with options such as Eat Natural Bars. Our AMS machines can also be combined with cold drinks, and all products are viewed through the colossal glass front and selected from a simplistic touch pad.

The Micro Market – the revolution in workplace refreshments.

More choice with the Micro Market.
More choice with the Micro Market.

The Micro Market is an enhanced alternative to the snack machine, perfect for larger workplaces that are situated in remote locations. The unmanned, convenience store for the workplace stocks products for the working day and beyond, many of which simply cannot be found in a traditional vending machine. This means you can enjoy more choice for your snacks, so you’ll never be left wanting. Alongside the chocolate bars and packets of crisps is items such as fresh fruit and packets of nuts, so you can enjoy healthier options, too. Once you have made your selection, the Micro Market encourages a quicker and more secure payment thanks to the cashless, self-service terminals, and they’re open and available 24 hours a day.

How a snack can boost your morale.

They’re called ‘guilty pleasures’ for a reason. Our favourite chocolate bar or packet of crisps can work wonders in improving our morale, and help to pick us up when we feel a little low. This is something that can happen to us all at some point during the working day, and means that we are temporarily unable to work to our full potential. Installing refreshment solutions in your business allows your staff to head down for a snack whenever they require, and this is a simple tool in the hunt for a higher productivity level. It’s a great way to promote staff welfare as a core business value.

Choose Coinadrink for your snacks.

Coinadrink understand the importance of workplace refreshments, and have done for over 55 years now. Our premium equipment arrives hand in hand with exceptional customer service, and this isn’t just words that we use as a marketing tool. We tailor all our services to suit your requirements, and our friendly and helpful customer care team regularly check in with you to check whether there’s anything you’d like to discuss. Meanwhile, our field based engineers have a response time of under 2 hours when issues do crop up, which is one of the fastest in the industry! It all means that we consistently enjoy strong customer care results, culminating last year when 99% of people surveyed said they would be happy to recommend Coinadrink Limited to a colleague.

Choose a company that share your passion for snacks. Choose Coinadrink.

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