The capsules behind the great beverages from the Dualit.

The Dualit is a great little machine that leaves a grand impression - and this is partly down to the capsules.

Workplace refreshments can work for everyone, but there is no ‘one size fits all’ method. No business or workplace is exactly the same, and their requirements will therefore be different. Because Coinadrink are unique in that we aren’t tied down to any particular vending supplier, it means we are able to select the very best machines for our customers and then tailor our services to suit them. The Nespresso-compatible Dualit Café Plus joined our diverse range back before Christmas, and it was the capsules that were one of the things that really grabbed our attention. We immediately saw a real benefit for our customers.

The method behind the capsules.

Dualit strive for perfect coffee. Similarly to the popular Flavia tabletop which uses sachets as oppose to capsules, the Dualit takes advantage of consistent ingredients for guaranteed quality. The capsules are created in West Sussex, UK, and go through a vigorous testing process that begins with designing them to be airtight. One of the reasons why we love fresh coffee is because we crave the rich and flavoursome taste and aroma, and the sealed capsules are able to deliver the same characteristics.

Dualit are also determined to achieve the perfect crema, which is dense, features small bubbles and takes on a walnut type colour. Using professional ‘Q Graders’, who are people that are certified by the Coffee Quality Institute for analysing Arabica coffee through smell and taste, they test the coffee every morning and afternoon for quality and flavour. It’s a constant process that means your coffee is in good hands.

Watch the video below for a deeper insight into the capsules:

Which capsules are available?

The Dualit Café Plus is a Nespresso-compatible hot drinks machine, and can be used with either Dualit or Nespresso capsules. Intense and classic espressos are available, as is Cappuccino and Americano. Decaf options are on offer, and Dualit also produce seasonal varieties such as a Christmas blend.

Tea drinkers will also be left satisfied thanks to a range that includes English Breakfast, Earl Grey and Blackcurrant and Peppermint Infusions.

Other features of the Dualit Café Plus.

In the wake of higher demand, the Dualit hot drinks machine is extremely efficient. It switches itself off after 10 minutes of inactivity, but you’ll only have to wait 40 seconds for it to heat back up thanks to the Thermobloc heating system.

It is a compact tabletop that will fit into the tightest of spaces, yet it leaves a huge impression. It takes advantage of an understated design that will enhance its environment, and is effortless to use. It’s easy to see why the machine is aimed at high-end businesses such as hotels and boardrooms.

Experience your Dualit today!

The Dualit offers you and your workforce a simple step into the world of vending! To experience coffee shop quality quickly and easily, get in contact with us today or purchase your Dualit now from our branch division Refreshment Shop!

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