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Two exciting new products from Lees, now added to our snack machines.

We’re always on the lookout for new products to add into our snack machines, and are committed to mixing it up from time to time to keep your options fresh. Our criteria for selection is strict, however, and we only choose items that we believe our customers will love. At the moment, we are trialling a few new items: Scottish Fudge and Raspberry Coconut Ice courtesy of Lees.

Who are Lees?

Lees were founded in 1931 by John J Lees, and are based in Coatbridge which is just outside Glasgow, Scotland.

John had been trying to make the perfect chocolate bar in the premises above his father’s shop on Newlands Street. After many unsuccessful attempts, he experimented by covering the chocolate bar in coconut, and it was here that the Macaroon bar was created. You can read more about additional Lees products below.

In 1982, the company joined forces with Heather Cameron Foods, which they eventually bought out in 1989. Trading became tough in the 90’s, however, and on the back of record losses, the company were bought out by Northumbrian Fine Foods in March 1991. They did manage to return to independent Scottish ownership by 1993, though, and soon enough Lees were back their booming best.

They moved into a new premises in 1998, and they remain a major employer in the local area. Around 200 people are employed at the Lees factory in Coatbridge, and the company continues to grow every year. They have published record results every year since the turn of the century.

Some more iconic products from Lees.

After the Macaroon bar, Lees produced the teacake and snowball, which are still very much going strong today. This was then followed by other confectionary bars that included the fudge and coconut ice variants. In addition, the company began producing meringues upon going into business with Heather Cameron Foods, and they remain a very popular company today.

Practical snack machines from Coinadrink.

Practical snack machines from Coinadrink, now including new Lees products.
Practical snack machines from Coinadrink, now including new Lees products.

We’ve decided to trial the aforementioned coconut ice and fudge bars in our machines, and they are available now. Our snack machines provide quality refreshments whenever they are needed, and we tailor the products to suit your requirements.

Moreover, we can combine your snack machine with a cool range of cans, again tailoring the options to suit. The perfect mid-morning snack can be taken care of right from one machine, and our snack machines are ideal for break rooms and canteens.

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