Isn’t it about time your business disregarded the kettle?

Isn't it time you updated the kettle to a more advanced solution?

One of the common reasons we hear as to why people don’t have a vending machine in their business is because they prefer to make their own drinks. We might be a little biased here, but that’s something that frustrates us. Having had 55 years’ experience as a company, we have witnessed the advancement of the vending industry first hand, and the machines of today are easy on the eye. The benefits of vending are simply enormous, so isn’t it about time you disregarded your kettle for something that’s a little more up to date?

The kettle can’t deliver the quality.  

Coffee shop quality from a hot drinks machine.
Coffee shop quality from a hot drinks machine.

This is the biggest advantage of the modern-day vending machine. There’s a reason why we all enjoy a hot drink, so nobody is going to say no to the added quality if the opportunity arises. Hot drinks machines from Coinadrink boast first class brewing systems, dispensing a range of bean to cup coffee in next to no time. Gourmet selections such as a Flat White or Americano are readily available from the touch of a button, and you can even add flavoured syrups to your beverage for a more authentic taste.

The kettle can’t match the choice.   

A hot drinks machine offers more choice than the kettle.
A hot drinks machine offers more choice than the kettle.

If you’re making your own hot drinks with the kettle, chances are you have a solitary jar of coffee or a certain brand of tea bags that you all have to make do with. Alternatively, you can enjoy an extensive collection of hot drinks from your vending machine. These include a range of gourmet coffees, PG and Yorkshire tea and Galaxy and Suchard chocolate. What’s more, many of our hot drinks machines enable you to save your preferred beverage, so you can enjoy it again from a one touch selection.

The kettle can’t provide the speed.

Hot drinks machines deliver your beverage quicker than the kettle.
Hot drinks machines deliver your beverage quicker than the kettle.

You wait for what seems like an eternity for the kettle to boil, then you add your ingredients, and it all feels like a bit of a pain. There’s no such thing of grabbing a quick hot drink if you’re using a kettle, and this means you’ll be spending longer away from your desk. All our hot drinks machines dispense your selection in rapid time. Take the Klix, for example. This practical floor standing machine takes just 17 seconds to deliver your beverage, which is the quickest in the industry.

The kettle can’t offer the style.

Hot drinks with style.
Hot drinks with style.

The kettle may have been stylish once up a time, but those days are over. Part of the advancement in the vending industry has been in the design, and now both the tabletop and floor standing hot drinks machines are stunning. Many are made with stainless steel and chrome materials, and house a stylish yet simple touchscreen in the middle. When you want your business to make the right impression on your clients and visitors, installing a hot drinks machine is a great place to start.

The kettle promotes an unhygienic break time.

Can you see how unhygienic this can be?
Can you see how unhygienic this can be?

Making your own hot drinks with the kettle can be a messy process. Think about it. You drop bits of sugar and milk all over the countertop, and those hygiene standards that you shout about are soon put at risk. Your hot drinks machine takes care of the preparation right from within, so all you see is your delicious hot drink once it has been crafted.

The kettle requires more energy.

The kettle isn't as environmentally friendly as the hot drinks machine.
The kettle isn’t as environmentally friendly as the hot drinks machine.

As is the way with most things in our modern world, they’re now a lot easier on the environment than what they used to be. Hot drinks machines are particularly conscious of our planet, and many are A and A+ rated for their energy consumption. Some of our machines also have shut down modes in place for when they haven’t been used for an extensive period of time. With regards to the kettle, however, this isn’t quite as economical. It is believed that it costs 2.5p every time you boil the kettle. That’s quite an expensive cup of coffee!

The kettle won’t do the washing up for you. 

There's no need to wash up with a hot drinks machine!
There’s no need to wash up with a hot drinks machine!

Maybe you do your own washing up in the workplace, or you take turns using a rota, but the fact is that it needs doing. The whole point of a break time is to relax and invigorate you for the day ahead, but you’re not enjoying the benefits of a true break if you’ve got to do undesirable chores such as the washing up before you head back to your desk. Your hot drinks machine will deliver your chosen beverage in a recyclable cup, so you can discard of it appropriately once you have finished. No washing up necessary.

Choose Coinadrink.

Coinadrink offer contemporary hot drinks machines enveloped around a customer-centric approach. We’re unique to other vending companies in that we aren’t tied down to any particular vending supplier, so we can tailor our services to suit. We make vending work for your business, and we can get your workforce on the path to a higher productivity level.

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