It’s National Cappuccino Day, an event we’re particularly fond of!

On National Cappuccino Day, learn all about the exciting history of this popular beverage!

We often flick through the special day’s calendar online, just to see what’s coming up. Today, the 8th November, was a day that definitely caught our eye…it’s National Cappuccino Day! Here at Coinadrink, we specialise in all hot drinks, and our staff have the benefits of enjoying coffee shop quality thanks to the advanced range of hot drinks machines that litter our showroom. A Cappuccino in particular is a beverage that’s especially popular with us all though. As it’s the big day, why not settle back and learn about how the beverage came to encounter its lovable reputation…

Before the Cappuccino…

Let’s go back right to the very start. Coffee is believed to have been founded from goats, when an Ethiopian farmer caught his herd munching on the beans back in the 11th century. He quickly realised the energising characteristics that the beans had and soon enough, coffee began its journey to how we know and enjoy it today. Water and coffee beans were brought to a boil simultaneously, before sugar was added to taste. This is similar to how the Turks like their coffee today.

By the late 1700’s, the British and French had started filtering coffee beans from their beverage. This quickly became more popular than boiled coffee, and it was around this time that the term cappuccino derived.

How Cappuccino received its name…

The word ‘cappuccino’ derives from the Capuchin Friars, and is the diminutive form of cappucio in Italian which means ‘something that covers the head’. ‘Cappuccinos’ first popped up as the ‘Kapuziner’ in Viennese coffee houses in the 1700’s. It was described as ‘coffee with cream and sugar’, but it was the brown robes of the friars in Vienna that gave this popular beverage its name.

A timeline of the Cappuccino…

  • 1945: Achille Gaggia invented the modern espresso machine which further popularized the cappuccino.
  • 1990’s: Cappuccino quickly became available to North Americans, as coffee houses sprung onto the scene.
  • Early 2000’s: With the rise of the American coffee industry, Cappuccino was soon a well loved beverage across the whole of North America.
  • Early 21st Century: Fast food chains began supplying a ‘short-cut’ version of the Cappuccino.

What makes the perfect Cappuccino?

The best Cappuccino’s are slightly frothy and full of flavour! A single espresso is mixed with hot foamed milk, and microfoam is created on the top by introducing tiny bubbles of air in the milk. This is around about 2cm. Specifically, there are identical amounts of milk and espresso, and it is the steaming of the milk that makes it look as though there is a greater percentage of milk.

Or…why not take out the hard work?

The worst thing about a perfect hot drink is having to make it yourself! Let us take the hard work away. We mentioned at the beginning of this blog that our staff have access to the stunning array of hot drinks machines in our business, and it’s so simple for you to reap in the benefits, too!

We can tailor our services to suit you, and installing a hot drinks machine in your workplace can be easier than you perhaps think. Whether you have a larger business or a limited number of staff, Coinadrink offer a plentiful range of tabletop and floor standing, and all you should do is contact us.

It won’t be long till you’re enjoying Cappuccino’s and more…

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