Celebrating our 55 years in a charitable way!

Coinadrink will be hosting a party on the 27th January 2018 to celebrate 55 years!

Coinadrink recently celebrated 55 years of history that has been enriched with quality, innovation and a customer-centric approach. Right from the word ‘go’ back in 1962, we have understood the importance of workplace refreshments, and can tailor our services to offer premium hot and cold drinks, snacks, fresh food and water machines and coolers to each individual business. On January 27th 2018, we will be hosting a party to celebrate our 55 years, and it wouldn’t be a standard Coinadrink event if our chosen charities didn’t feature somewhere…

A company with a charitable personality.

Charity work has been a large part of Coinadrink’s history. Over the years we have worked with some fantastic organisations, namely MacMillan, Just Small Change and Acorns Children’s Hospice. We donate how and where we can, and we have put our name to some generous contributions in the past. We understand that as a business, we rely on society to succeed, and are grateful for the opportunities and success that it has presented to us. We want to help others achieve the same, and there are no better organisations to work alongside than registered charities.

Acorns Children’s Hospice.

Acorns Children’s Hospice was established in 1988. They care for life-limited and life-threatened children and their families, providing specialist care in a fun-filled, home-from-home environment. Back in April, our sales and marketing manager Tom Williams undertook a daring Firewalk at the Black Country Museum in Dudley to raise funds for the organisation. The Firewalk involves walking barefoot across hot coals, and Tom braved the challenge to raise over £150 on behalf of Coinadrink! In 2016 alone, Acorns have supported 876 children and 1097 families, including those who are bereaved, and we’re always happy to help.

Just Small Change.

Just Small Change is an organisation that extends further than UK shores, and its status is no less important. Just Small Change supports women in poverty in the most desperate areas of Africa, giving them an opportunity to escape their situation through making a success of their own business. When they feel they can afford to do so, they can repay their loan so someone else can then take advantage of the funds. Coinadrink donate to Just Small Change through the bottles sold for our bottled water coolers.


Elsewhere, MacMillan is a charity that we always look to help where possible. MacMillan supply care and support for people that have been diagnosed with cancer, allowing them to take back some control in their life. Right from the first diagnosis to treatment and beyond, MacMillan are committed to providing a friendly face to talk to at all times. Over the years, Coinadrink have raised substantial funds for the charity through parties and events. More recently, staff at Coinadrink took part in the September coffee morning, whereby our staff brought out their inner Mary Berry to bake some delicious treats for a great cause!

A fun-filled party with a generous motive. 

The party to celebrate our 55 years is sure to be a fun-filled event!
The party to celebrate our 55 years is sure to be a fun-filled event!

The party on January 27th 2018 will see donations made through a dedicated prize draw. Hosted at the National Motor Cycle museum, the evening is sure to be fun-filled event with all staff members and their families at Coinadrink, as well as certain suppliers and customers! The money raised from the prize draw will go to Acorns Children’s Hospice and Just Small Change. Much of Coinadrink’s success has stemmed from the hard work of their staff, many of which have been with the company for over two decades! Happy customers are gained from happy staff, and that is certainly the way with Coinadrink Ltd. Just check our customer survey’s!

The National Motor Cycle Museum.

As explained, our 55 years will be celebrated at the National Motor Cycle Museum. The site stretches beyond 8 acres in Solihull, Birmingham, and is home to the world’s largest collection of British motorcycles! The museum opened in 1984 courtesy of self-made millionaire Roy Richards after he had been collecting British motorcycles from the 1970’s, and the museum attracts over 250,000 visitors every year!

We cannot wait to celebrate our extensive and prestigious history at the museum next January, and here’s to the next 55 years!

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