The importance of hydration in the winter!

Dehydration is much less noticeable in the winter than what it is in the summer, so stay alert!

Hydration is rightfully a hot topic in the summer. For all the beauty of a warmer climate and the lighter mornings and evenings, it’s easy for a black cloud to appear if you don’t consume enough fluids, even if you’re not doing any strenuous activity. We covered many reasons as to why you must keep yourself hydrated in the workplace, ranging from the relief of headaches to muscle efficiency, but don’t think for one moment that you need to brush off the topic now that the winter weather is arriving. Make no mistake, keeping yourself hydrated is vital all year round…

Winter. Secretly draining.

Did you know that it’s actually easier to fall dehydrated in the winter? Dehydration leaves you feeling tired and sluggish, whilst you also may experience aches and pains. It’s also threatens your immune system, which makes you more susceptible to illnesses such as cold and flu.

Dehydration that goes unnoticed.

Worse still, dehydration isn’t as apparent in the winter as what it is in the summer, meaning it’s much harder to notice. You don’t sweat as much in the winter, but thicker, heavier clothing combined with the drier air means you’re still becoming dehydrated. When the signs of dehydration aren’t there, though, you’re naturally going to drink less. Now for the importance of hydration…

Feel good at your desk!

Even though you’re at work with the heating on, it’s still important to consume your appropriate level of fluids. Workplace hydration ensures your productivity levels remain strong, a key attribute that employers crave. Higher productivity simply encourages stronger working relationships and results, and this is the case whether it be two degrees outside or 22! In fact, it could be said that the miserable conditions encourage lower morale, and water is a powerful tool to get you back on track!

A winter warmer.

Did you know that keeping hydrated keeps you warmer? Your body uses water to maintain its temperature throughout the entire year, though you’re of course more at risk of hypothermia in the winter. Water acts as a thermal layer in the winter, providing you let it settle at room temperature for while as oppose to drinking it straight from the cooler.

Further benefits of keeping hydrated.

Aside from these, drinking enough water relieves aches and pains, and increases muscle activity for those people working in warehouses. Coinadrink make healthy hydration simple with a range of premium and practical water coolers and taps. Perfect for all types of business, head to the website to view the entire range!

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