All the weird and wonderful vending machines to grace our planet!

Vending that's weird and wonderful!

From when the first vending machine appeared in the 1880’s, they have come an extremely long way. Hot drinks machines now dispense coffee shop quality, and fresh food and snack machines deliver big brands in a pinch of the time. The evolution of vending has also extended to strange and quirky options though, many of which you can actually envisage a purpose for. Some are a bit pointless, yes, but they add to the fun! Take a look below for some of the best ones we have found…

  • Live Lobster Vending Machine

We all know vending machines are perfect for a quick snack, but this is a new one on us. No Cadbury or Walkers here, just live lobsters! Found a restaurant in Los Angeles, this is probably more exquisite than convenient, and you’re probably safer letting a waiter vend one for you than risk doing it yourself…

  • Mashed Potato Vending Machine

Found in Singapore, this vending machine is a God send for the student population. Simply place your large cup under the spout, and watch in awe as hot, buttery mash gets delivered before your eyes. You can even add gravy!

  • Pizza Vending Machine

‘Let’s Pizza’ have come up with a brilliant idea to easily enjoy what is one of the world’s favourite food! For just six euro’s, this vending machine takes convenience to a whole new level, and can prepare your delicious pizza in just 3 minutes. It was developed by Italian entrepreneur Claudio Torghele.

  • Beer Vending Machine

Rejoice! This fantastic vending machine can actually be found in the UK, in Hackney! After what we can only presume was a long drinking session, the landlord of The Fox pub decided to install a beer vending machine, saying he was ‘passionate about pushing the industry forward’.

  • Hot Bread Vending Machine

Another tasty variety. This machine can be found in the heart of Paris, a city that thrives on the delicious taste and texture of hot bread. A French entrepreneur came up with the idea, taking advantage of a summer period where many of the shops shut up for a while. It is Paris’s first 24-hour operated baguette dispenser.

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