The Micro Market – Now nominated for the Tomorrow’s FM Awards 2018!

Can we count on your vote for the FM Awards 2018?

Since its inception in 2013, our Micro Market has been the revolution in workplace refreshments. Many of our customers are delighted with a genuine ‘refreshment hub’ in the workplace, and such an advanced refreshment solution has now caught the eye of those further afield. So much so, in fact, that we are thrilled to say that our Micro Market has now been nominated for Tomorrow’s FM Awards 2018, a huge honour for us indeed!

Our Micro Market has just been nominated for the Tomorrow's FM Awards 2018!The FM world is a demanding one. Employers are under greater pressure to regularly monitor the wellbeing of their workforce, and implement methods to increase workplace productivity. For our entire 55-year history, we have proven than providing adequate workplace refreshments is one of the simplest ways to achieve such a feat. The Micro Market is a true revolution in that it places over 400 products in the hands of the your workforce in an aesthetically pleasing design, meaning your staff will always be left refreshed.

The Market uses cashless, self-service terminals for a quicker and more secure purchase.The Micro Market is a genuine ‘store’ in the workplace. It offers products for the entire working day and beyond, many of which you won’t find from a vending machine including cereal pots, pints of milk and cordial bottles. The Micro Market is all about keeping staff on site to increase working relationships, and its extensive product range ensures you can get what you need for your home, too! The cashless payment terminals make for a quicker and more secure purchase, and you can pay for multiple items at once. The terminals are readily available 24/7 for businesses that offer unusual shift patterns.

The top 50 finalists will feature in a guide that will be distributed to a readership of over 65,000 ahead of voting in January 2018. Ways in which you can vote for the Micro Market will be unveiled soon, so keep an eye out and support something refreshing for the awards!

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