The 7th October is National Frappe Day!

On National Frappe Day, which one do you prefer?

7th October is National Frappe Day, a yearly event that celebrates a delicious chilled, foam-covered coffee drink. We’re experts in coffee, and it’s certainly interesting to see how it has developed over the years to give us variations such as the Frappe. It wouldn’t feel right, though, if we didn’t get on board with such a revolution ourselves, and we like to think that we can help produce a delicious Iced Frappe through a certain product range of ours…

Firstly, though, a history. The original Frappe derived from Thessaloniki in Greece in 1957, and it has developed into the many different varieties we enjoy today. An employee of Nestle was responsible for its birth during the International Trade Fair. He wanted to have an instant coffee during his break but couldn’t find any hot water, so he used a shaker to mix the instant coffee with ice cubes and water. The successful improvisation has paved the way for one of the most popular drinks the world has ever seen!

It’s a versatile beverage, but is typically made with four key ingredients: coffee, milk, ice and sugar. Fruit options are very popular in some parts of the world, and Starbucks have put their own spin on the Frappe by labelling them as ‘Frappuccino’s’.

Coinadrink specialise in hot coffee as oppose to the cool, creamy blend, but we also supply tasty Routin and Sweetbird syrups over on our Refreshment Shop to help make a yummy treat for yourself. The syrups are available in many, many delicious varieties, and are mouth-wateringly reminiscent of the flavour they resemble. They put a sweet spin on your beverage, and can be used to enrich hot coffee as well as an Iced Frappe.

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