National Chocolate Day. Satisfy your cravings.

National Chocolate Day falls on the 28th October 2017.

You’ll find it hard to find someone who doesn’t love a bit of chocolate. It is estimated that approximately 1 billion people eat it everyday, and the average European consumes 15 pounds of it every year! The reason for such admiration stems around a key chemical. Chocolate contains phenylethylamine, which releases certain ‘pleasure’ endorphins in the brain that make us feel good all over. While chocolate is often regarded as a ‘guilty pleasure’, though, the 28th October is a time you can fill your face without the worry. This is because it’s one of the days that celebrates National Chocolate Day.

Alongside the 28th October, the industry is also appreciated on the 7th July and December 28th, because having the sole day in which to enjoy it just isn’t fair. The days aren’t regarded as an official event, but do you really care when chocolate is involved? The National Confectioners Association started the event, an organisation dedicated to advancing, protecting and promoting the confectionary industry. This includes sweets, gum and mints as well. The organisation educates the public to help them understand and appreciate the positive effect sweets and chocolate can have on a happy, balanced lifestyle.

The tasty treat comes in milk, white and dark, and you can enjoy it with nuts, nougat, caramel and many other specialist varieties. This National Chocolate Day falls on a Saturday, but we think you should sign off the working week by treating yourself with a visit to your snacks machine! Coinadrink stock big brands such as Cadbury, Nestle and Mars, and popular choices include Dairy Milk, Snickers and Twirl. As explained, it provides you with the ‘feel-good’ feeling, just what you need after a hard week at work!

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