Micro Market – A dream for the millennials.

The Micro Market conforms to the demands of the Millennials in your workplace.

Express Refreshments is an advanced division that envisaged the future of vending with the Micro Market. It understood the few pitfalls of vending to offer over 400 products, all in an unmanned, self-service convenience store that’s located in the heart of the workplace. Today’s working world is more demanding than ever, with staff, clients and visitors placing higher expectations on the refreshment offerings in your business, and it all stems from the Millennials.

The term ‘Millennials’ is defined by a person reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century. The age group is 18 to 35, and employers have a growing requirement to mould their business in a way that they would be happy with. After all, Millennials are the future of the working world. The Micro Market conforms to their requirements through choice, technology and the physical and mental benefits that come with it.

Healthier Eating

Healthy eating is something we all know the importance of, and this is particularly apparent with the younger generation. They have grew up with the information being consistently relayed to them through the news, social media and health and fitness organisations. The Micro Market provides healthier choices amongst its 400 offerings, including porridge pots, Goodness Knows bars and bottled water.


The Millennials grew up with technology, and this ultimately is one of the benefits of employing them. They know all about social media, and are already adapted to the digital world that we are now living in. The Micro Market mixes advanced technology and the need for security with the self-service terminal. Simply top up your card online and swipe to purchase: no cash needed. This ensures payment is quick and secure every time.

Boosts Morale

The state of our mind goes unnoticed too often, and it is the Millennials that are trying to raise awareness. Feeling good about yourself and having a positive outlook on life can help reduce the risk of depression, and the Micro Market encourages employee engagement by keeping staff on site for their refreshments. In turn, this strengthens working relationships and boost productivity in the workplace.

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