The need for a hot drinks machine in the workplace.

Hot drinks machines deliver your beverage quicker than the kettle.

If you were to go and visit workplaces around the region, you’ll find that many of them have vending machines or alternative refreshment solutions available. Those that don’t are missing out. It’s not just about the convenience, the ability to go to the machine and have a quality hot drink ready made for you. There’s much more to vending machines than that, and we’re about to talk you through each and every benefit.

Workplace Productivity.

At Coinadrink, we all believe that this is the number one benefit, and it’s something we’re trying to push as a matter of urgency. When you can get a hot drink to rival high street brands, all in under 30 seconds without leaving the workplace, it works wonders for a person’s morale. The working day can often dwindle into a state of tiredness and frustration, and the simplicity of heading to your hot drinks machine cannot be underestimated. It’s a 30 second break with benefits that exist much longer.

Coffee Shop Quality.

We mentioned hot drinks machines dispensing premium quality, and we certainly meant it. Gone are the days when hot drinks machines simply dispensed something that was just ‘hot and watery’, and they now deliver an end product that you’ll want time and time again. Contemporary machines such as the Karisma can craft beverages using a unique fresh milk system, so it really is like having a Starbucks or Costa Coffee in the workplace.

Impressing Clients and Visitors.

First impressions count, and there is a strict need to impress your ever-demanding clients and visitors. It is common courtesy to offer them a hot drink, and using a hot drinks machine creates a pleasing portrait of your business that the kettle will not. It shows that you’re a premium business that is worth doing business with, and that you value the visitor’s time and money.


This is a benefit that can often go under the radar. Staff being forced to cram around the kettle during their break isn’t only frustrating, it’s also unhygienic. Think about it. Bits of coffee and sugar going everywhere, and drops of water from the kettle being spilt onto the counter make a watery mess. A hot drinks machine does all the work for you, so you never need to worry about the clean-up process again.

Quick and Simple.

Following on from what we said at the start of this blog, the convenience of a hot drinks machine is a key benefit. Most hot drinks machines now can dispense a quality beverage in under 30 seconds, some in under 20 seconds, so your day never needs to be put on hold. It’s much quicker than boiling the kettle, and the end result will be a lot better. Believe us.

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