Do you know what goes into your favourite coffee?

What's in your favourite coffee?

Our favourite coffee is as unique to us as our fingerprint. Maybe it’s a Café Latte with two sugars, an Espresso with a double shot, or perhaps you enjoy a Mocha instead. While many of us know what we want at the hot drinks machine, though, how many of you know exactly what goes into your chosen variety? As we wind down for the weekend, settle back, and let us teach you all about those key ingredients. We’ll give you a taster: Espresso is apparent in every one!

Café Latte.

A very popular choice, certainly here at Coinadrink! All you need for this delicious beverage is one shot of Espresso, before adding steamed milk and micro-foam to top it off. Because of the steamed milk, the Café Latte is regarded to be one of the sweetest coffee varieties, and is perfect now the colder months are arriving.


Another firm favourite. In many ways, it’s very similar to a Latte, though the Cappuccino has more foam on top and is often finished with chocolate shavings. Just to recap, though, it’s one shot of Espresso, steamed milk, and then 2-3cm of micro foam to finish.

Flat White.

This is very popular in Australia and New Zealand, though its popularity quickly made its way over to British shores. The best way to think of a Flat White is a Cappuccino without the foam and chocolate shavings, so that’s simply one shot of Espresso and steamed milk.


A Mocha is an intriguing beverage that’s certainly delicious! It’s a mix between a Cappuccino and a Hot Chocolate, and Barista’s often make it by mixing chocolate powder with an Espresso shot before adding the steamed milk and micro-foam. Chocolate power is often sprinkled on top.


The Americano is curiously different to other varieties of coffee. It’s still based around a single shot of Espresso, though it is infused with hot water instead of steamed milk. This provides the Americano with a similar strength to the rest, but with a different flavour.


A Macchiato uses extremely frothy milk. On top of the single Espresso shot, pour on the foamed milk before allowing it to sit for a short time. Then, you are ready to add the foam.

Café Au Lait.

A taste from France. The perfect Café Au Lait is made from half brewed coffee and half warm milk, which is ideal seeing as the name directly translates to ‘coffee with milk’. The strong coffee beans are expertly thinned using warm, creamy milk, and is a gorgeous beverage.


The short, simple and strong variety! The Espresso is the foundation to every coffee, but it can be enjoyed alone for when you’re in need of a boost! Simply place one shot of Espresso in a cup, or two if you’re feeling particularly low, and let it work its magic.

Coinadrink’s premium range of hot drinks machines can dispense all of the aforementioned varieties, so you’re in safe hands with us. What’s more, they can quickly distribute your beverage in next to no time, and the taste rivals that of the high-street brands.

Throw away the kettle. It’s old news. Get in contact with us today, and put some quality into your break time refreshment.

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