Keep your employees on site during the colder months.

Keeping your employees on site for their refreshments carries more benefits than you think...

Summer is over, and we’ve been dropped into autumn with a bang. Worse still, this autumn seems to be cooler than previous years, and the rain and wind have been a common occurrence. It all means that we want to be outside as little as possible, naturally, but this poses a problem if you don’t have refreshment solutions on site. It’s only going to get colder from here on in, so give your employees a helping hand…

Avoid the ‘joys’ of the traditional British weather.

We have consistently stressed that workplace refreshments are vital, but you shouldn’t force your employees into the traditional British weather in order to get them. It’s frustrating, and their wellbeing and productivity level will so forth plummet. This is no good for you, or for your business.

Strengthen working relationships.

There are other good reasons as to why having refreshment solutions on site makes sense. Staff are more likely to interact with each other during their break, as oppose to rushing round to here, there and everywhere off site. This strengthens employee engagement, and increases the chance of better results in the workplace.

Ensure staff stick to their allotted break time.

Going off site for refreshments can have unforeseen delays. Maybe the catering van is late, or the queue in the shop is unexpectedly long. This means that staff will run over their allocated break time, and more time on their break means less time at their desks. This is the last thing you want.

Put the ‘break’ into break time.

Of course, rushing around for refreshments, and worrying about getting back in time, is stressful. This is not what a break time should be. A break time is about winding down and relaxing prior to heading back to your desk, improving your wellbeing for the day ahead. Having refreshment solutions on site does just that.

Let Coinadrink (and Express Refreshments!) help.

We’ve established that forcing employees off site for refreshments is no good for your business, and it’s common knowledge that the kettle and tap lack the quality, style and convenience that is required.

Coinadrink have 55 years of experience in providing expert refreshment solutions. Hot and cold drinks, snack, fresh food and water, we specialise in them all, and our customer-centric approach along with a keen eye for innovation has consistently proved favourable.

Express Refreshments is our branch division. Developed on the back of our success, Express Refreshments sited the UK’s first Micro Market in 2013, and it has revolutionised workplace refreshments ever since. Placing an unmanned, self-service ‘store’ in the workplace, the Micro Market carries lots of benefits which you can learn all about here.

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