International Coffee Day.

International Coffee Day isn’t till Sunday 1st October, but as it’s Friday and we’re all winding down for the weekend, we thought you’d like to settle back for a little light hearted reading on something we all know and love!

International Coffee Day is all about appreciating the popular hot drink throughout the entire world. There is a lot of work that goes into your cup of coffee, right from the coffee farms to the supermarket, and International Coffee Day toasts the hard work. There are 77 Member States of the International Coffee Organisation and on Sunday they will all come together to celebrate the event which has now been running for 3 years; the first registered event was 1st October 2015 in Milan, Italy.

While International Coffee Day has been operating for a relatively short period of time, recognising the love of coffee from individual countries dates back to 1983, when an event in Japan set the scene that many others have since followed. For example, Germany celebrate there’s on the first Saturday of September, Brazil celebrate on the 24th May and Portugal celebrate on April 14th.

For International Coffee Day, though, events happen all over the world, from Devon in the UK to Cartago in Colombia. Many businesses will offer free or discounted cups of coffee, and may hold special deals for loyalty customers. There may be quizzes on how much you truly know about coffee, as well as taster sessions for you to try varieties that you wouldn’t normally attempt. The importance of Fairtrade is also emphasised, with the plight that coffee farmers are ultimately suffering.

We at Coinadrink especially understand the importance of a great cup of coffee! We cherry pick the finest machines for our customers, placing quality at the top of our criteria. Many hot drinks machines, such as the fresh milk Karisma and the contemporary Neo, craft beverages that rival those from the coffee shop, and it’s apparent right from the first sip.

We enjoy a cup or two of coffee every day, but how will you be celebrating International Coffee Day?


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