Toasting our 55 years in a charitable way!

We have been in business 55 years, and will celebrate in the best way we know - giving to charity!

Coinadrink Ltd are an elite vending company that celebrated its 55th birthday last February. Owned by Roger Williams, we have been a family business right from the off, and 55 years in business is down to three things: a pledge for quality, a keen eye for innovation and a strict customer-centric approach.

55 years is a very long time, but those three characteristics have been engrained into our DNA while change has rapidly taken shape around the outside. The core of the business has always been hot drinks, though our history has seen us branch into cold drinks, snacks, fresh food and water through dedicated divisions.

We have always prided ourselves on tailoring our services to suit each business. We aren’t tied down to any supplier, so we can provide an unbiased viewpoint on the best solution for you. We boast one of the fastest response times in the industry, just two hours, and our dedicated customer care team regularly checks in to see if you are happy with the service we are providing.

Quality is apparent throughout our entire product range. While some products are designed for practicality over style, every single one is reliable, such is the importance of workplace refreshments. Despite this, contemporary hot drinks machines and water coolers such as the Karisma and the Borg and Overstrom b5 highlight the positive change in the industry respectively.

Express Refreshments, one of our branch divisions that was developed in 2013, highlights our pledge to get in board with industry innovation with the UK’s first Micro Market. Alongside the Micro Market, all of our drink and snack machines can be fitted with contactless and mobile payment systems, and we’re always on the lookout for ways to enhance your experience with Coinadrink Ltd.

The business has clearly been a pleasing place to work. Many of our staff are part of the ‘long-service club’, where they have been with the company for over 25 years. Roger has always stayed firm in his belief that staff should be paid what the company can afford, not what they can get away with, and it’s a method that’s worked wonders. After all, happy staff equals happy customers.

It’s been a truly fantastic 55 years, and Saturday 27th January 2018 will see us toast our birthday with a party! Hosted at The National Motor Cycle Museum, it’s sure to be a fun packed event with all staff members and their families at Coinadrink Ltd. There will be a prize draw on the evening, and the proceeds will go towards Acorns Children’s Hospice and Just Small Change. These are two excellent charities that we already support as a company, and we are excited to see how much funds we can raise on the night.

When we have been contributing to charity throughout our history, we feel it’s only fitting to celebrate our 55 years in the same way…

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