A drink with less than 10 calories? Whisper the word around!

Whisper introduces tasty fruit flavours with less than 10 calories.

Coinadrink understand the importance of healthy hydration in the workplace, and so forth have extensive options available. For those who would rather a flavoured drink as oppose to water, big brands such as Coca Cola, Fanta and Vimto are always available, and we’re continually on the lookout to add extra quality to the offerings. Whisper, an exciting and unique cold drink, is something we are particularly excited to see arriving…

The basics.

The fruit based drink, courtesy of Perfectly Clear, arrives in three delectable flavours – Sparkling Blood Orange and Peach, Sparkling Mixed Berry and Sparkling Lemon and Mexican Lime – and all three are made using real juice and natural flavours. Now, you can enjoy sparkling water with a kick of excitement, all from your cold drinks machine.

What makes it so unique?

Staggeringly, all three varieties contain less than 10 calories! Fruit juice drinks have always been very popular amongst our customers, but with the new Whisper bottles, healthy hydration takes on an entirely new meaning. Now, you can take the stress out of a cold drink and even go back and enjoy another, because there is nothing guilty about Whisper from Perfectly Clear. With no added sugar, it serves as a welcome alternative to that of water.

Great, so when is it arriving?

Whisper is set to arrive in our cold drinks machines over the next month or so, and it will also be appearing over on our Refreshment Shop, too! Enjoy it on your break, or take it back to your desk to sip throughout the day, the choice is entirely yours, but make sure you ‘whisper’ the word round your colleagues!

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