Refreshments. The need is greater than you think.

Refreshments boost workplace productivity!

Do you have refreshment solutions in your workplace? It’s a question we’re keen to find the answer to, and it will say a lot about the wellbeing of your workforce. You may not realise this, but businesses that answer ‘no’ to the above question will find themselves at a serious disadvantage to those that do provide refreshments. In plenty of concerning ways.

Hot drinks, cold drinks, snacks and water, there’s lots of options for your business. We provide each and every one, but we prefer to see them as a ‘need’ rather than something of a luxury. The working day can get everybody down from time to time, and it leaves us feeling drained and unmotivated. This isn’t what you want from your staff, so it’s up to you to raise their mood and so forth their productivity level. They may be eligible for a break or two over the working day, but this alone isn’t enough. What good is a break if it doesn’t improve their overall wellbeing?

That is where we come in. A hot drink has been proven to boost our energy levels, whilst regularly keeping hydrated from a water cooler keeps us focused for our working tasks. A simple visit to a hot drinks machine or cooler can work wonders, and a drink is something your staff can even take back to their desks if their day is particularly busy. We see refreshments as your P.A, ready to help you through when the going gets tough. Yes, you could use the kettle, and yes you could use the tap, but the quality is not the same. An average drink may as well be no drink at all.

Your clients and visitors expect premium refreshments, too. Options from Coinadrink are as stylish as they are tasteful, and are sure to leave the right impression every time no matter what sort of thing you are after. Then there’s our innovative Micro Market solution, courtesy of our own branch division, Express Refreshments. The Micro Market sites a self-service, unmanned convenience store for the workplace, and acts as a ‘refreshment hub’ to enable your staff to get the most out of their break. Over 400 products are available in an aesthetically pleasing design, and we can even add your company branding to create an elite feel.

When you think about all this, the importance of workplace refreshments extends much further than you think. Let Coinadrink in, and see the benefits right away!

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