The Micro Market – Revolutionising Workplace Refreshments.

The Micro Market is revolutionising workplace refreshments!

Coinadrink have innovation engrained into our DNA, and Express Refreshments, our own branch division, is responsible for the UK’s first Micro Market! We saw the potential of the Market in its ability to completely change the face of workplace refreshments, and we were right.

More Choice.

We wanted to make workplace refreshments easily accessible for every business, such is the reason the Market was designed. The unmanned, self-service convenience store places over 400 products in the hands of your staff, and acts as a ‘refreshment hub’. Hot drinks, cans and bottles, fresh food, snacks and confectionary are readily available in an aesthetically pleasing layout, and we can stock your market with extensive healthy options.

Increases Working Relationships.

A Micro Market is ideal for businesses in remote locations, and encourages working relationships by keeping your staff on site for their refreshments. The Market is open for use 24/7, so it’s ideal for businesses running unusual shift patterns.

Decreases time.

The Micro Market takes advantage of industry innovation to offer the user a pleasing experience. The cashless checkout understands the emphasis businesses place on time, and a quick swipe of your Express Refreshments card makes for a speedy and secure checkout. Your account can easily be topped up online, and stores valued information such as previous purchases and how much credit you have remaining.

Created with you in mind.

We personally design and create the Market to fit the space you have available, and can even add your company branding. CCTV is on offer to deter theft, and bespoke innovation means we know what products are proving popular and what needs re-stocking. You’ll never be without your favourite refreshments.

Positive Feedback…

The Micro Market is significantly challenging commercial catering solutions, and our customers are reaping in the rewards. The testimonial below is courtesy of Shaylor PLC, and we thank them for their time:

“We recognise our business is built on the strength and well-being of our people and we believe a healthy work-life balance should form part of every working day. It is essential therefore that our staff have the best facilities when they take time out to relax and unwind with colleagues over lunch.  Our new staff room enabled this and with the help of Coinadrink, we were able to provide a bespoke micro-market for staff to purchase a wide range of fresh food, snacks and drinks at competitive prices.

Since the launch of the micro-market, our staff no longer need to travel off site to purchase food and snacks as Coinadrink regularly deliver a wide choice of products.  The online facility allows you to quickly and securely top up the card with cash so we will never go hungry!”

 View the revolution.

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