As the summer holidays arrive, take note of our hydration reminders!

Summer hydration!

For those that are being picky, summer officially started on the 21st June, but does it really feel that way when the kids are still at school and you’re still awaiting that long craved for holiday? No, it doesn’t. This country often has a habit of delivering radiant temperatures when we’re at work, only to then crumble when the summer holidays arrive. The past month or so has been particularly tropical, and with the importance of hydration in the workplace being further emphasised, isn’t it about time you took note?

As you countdown the days until you jet off, remember to keep sight of your health amongst the excitement, and that of your employees. Coinadrink have been in the business for over 55 years, and such an extensive history has made us see the importance of hydration while at work. A high productivity level amongst your staff encourages positive results, and consuming fluids on a regular basis improves concentration for your day to day tasks. We boast a contemporary range of water coolers ranging from practical bottled varieties to elegant tap systems, so you and your employees can enjoy deliciously cold water on demand.

However, we also appreciate that the rather plain nature of water means that it isn’t for everyone. As well as our coolers, we also provide chilled can and bottled machines that home big brands behind a vast glass pillar, making for an easy selection process. Coca-Cola, Vimto, Lucozade and Pepsi are just some of the options that are available, ready to be enjoyed either on your lunch break or while you work.

When the choices are this comprehensive, and the advantages of hydration this apparent, isn’t it about time you took note and gave your employees what they need? Get in contact with us today to learn more about the best option for your company.

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