On National Refreshment Day, what could you be enjoying?

Quality refreshment from big brands!

National Refreshment Day annually falls on the fourth Thursday every July, and is all about celebrating the refreshments available during the hottest month of the year. There is nothing better than a nice cool drink on a glorious summers’ day, and the refreshing sensation is especially moreish in the workplace. When the stuffy conditions of the office leave us feeling drained, you’re at greater risk than you think, and a cold beverage is what you need just as much as you want. Coinadrink understand that, and have done for over 55 years.

The need for refreshment.

We all experience up’s and down’s during the working day, and it’s only natural for your motivation to waver somewhat as the day progresses. With low energy comes a poor productivity level, though, and this is the urgent message we’re trying to convey to employers across the region: if you don’t have at least one refreshment solution in your workplace, you’re at a severe disadvantage to rival businesses that have. Allow Coinadrink to help.

An extensive collection of refreshment.

Our chilled cold drink machines stock big brands in an easy to view format, including Coca Cola and Vimto. Cans are available for when you need a drink and fast, while bottles are ideal for leaving on your desk and sipping on throughout the day. Expert refreshments branch out further, though, and our advanced hot drinks machines such as the fresh milk Karisma craft beverages enriched with quality. The indulging aromas and luscious flavours invite you in to relaxation and inspiration, and are just what you need when the stresses of work take over.

Meanwhile, elegant water coolers such as the Borg B5 fight the secret symptoms of dehydration. Water is a powerful fuel, clearing our minds for greater focus and concentration, and all our coolers make it simple to enjoy. Then there’s our snack and fresh food machines, from market leading brands such as Snacksters, Walkers and Cadbury.

So, choose the right vending company.

While today is dedicated to moreish snacks and refreshing beverages, you can enjoy them everyday if you choose the right vending supplier. Coinadrink offer a unique service plan that puts the customer first, and we believe that such piece of mind makes your favoured drink or snack taste just that bit better.

Click here to learn more about how we go the extra mile to please our customers, and get in contact with us today to give your staff what they crave.


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