McVities Nibbles – bitesize delight!

McVities Nibbles are perfect for the working day!

The need for snacking in the workplace is of growing importance, which is why we’re so keen to roll out new options for your staff to enjoy. We’ve had Stroopwafels, Maynards and McCoys, and now McVities Nibbles will soon be joining the rest of the range.

McVities have been a lovable brand since 1830, especially for those with a sweet tooth! Nibbles are based on the legendary digestive biscuit, born in 1892 to a secret recipe, so the great taste remains and is now just in a smaller form. This makes them perfect for the workplace. Leave them on your desk to ‘nibble’ on throughout the day, and you’ll quickly be motivated for your day to day tasks, increasing your wellbeing and productivity. From an employer’s perspective, this is vital.

The tasty new treat will be coming to your snack machine very shortly, and arriving in a caramel flavour too, we’re sure they’ll be a big hit! It only adds to the big brands that we stock, making it the complete snacking experience. If you’re feeling a bit low during the working day, head to your machine for a pick me up, and go back to your desk feeling inspired for the rest of the day.

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