Let Coinadrink help you to say something nice!

Saying something nice can boost morale, therefore helping to achieve results.

For years now, the 1st June has always been the day to say something nice! It’s an opportunity to disregard any bitterness or hate and try and see the positive in everyone. In the workplace, this is something that is especially important.

Whilst your working environment may not be catalyst for the greatest of moods, having a positive outlook on your colleagues, and showing it, can be pinnacle for achieving results. We at Coinadrink have been promoting a higher level of morale with our extensive range of refreshments for 55 years, and many a working day is centralised round a hot drinks machine or water cooler.

It’s all too easy for our day to drift into a state of tiredness and frustration, something that we then take out on those around us. A trip to your vending machine does wonders for your mood, raising your spirits for the day ahead and creating a sense of wellbeing. It’s no surprise that those taking a break try to start a conversation with those around them, and that continues when you return to your desk. A higher productivity level sets you up perfectly for your day to day tasks.

In short, you’re more likely to say something nice if you have the motivation to. If you’re an employer that doesn’t have a substantial source of refreshment in your workplace ready for your staff to enjoy, then you’re missing a trick. Hot drinks, cold drinks and snacks, the options that we offer are endless, and as more and more businesses understanding the importance of vending in the workplace, it’s time you did too.

For higher productivity and motivation in the workplace, your employees saying something nice to one another will only be the beginning.

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