Hot Drinks Machines that leave a stunning impression.

Tabletop Hot Drinks Machines from Coinadrink.

Whilst we have grown to specialise in all forms of workplace refreshment, the original image of vending stemmed from hot drinks, and premium quality is the basic expectation our customers have of us.

In order to conform, we had to both appreciate the talents of modern-day hot drinks machines, and understand the growing responsibilities that they have. You see, gone are the days when a hot drinks machine was used to vend a sub-par drink because there was no other alternative, and now they boast a breadth of talent that arguably takes them beyond the 21st century.

Creating the right impression on clients and visitors is key in any workplace, and placing the right hot drinks machine in yours will say a lot about the image of your company. Elegant tabletop machines such as the Vitro, Primo and Karisma use stunning materials that are sure to catch the eye, and it is then that you’ll understand the immense progression of the industry.

While image is important, we don’t let that distract from what you use a hot drinks machine for. Each and every one we provide crafts beverages that even the finest Barista would be proud of, meaning the premium nature of the coffee shop now extends to your workplace. For example, the Karisma is one of the first hot drinks machines to use a fresh milk system, meaning your hot drink will taste fresher than anything that has come before it.

It is the focal point for the rise in technology these machines now benefit from, and it doesn’t just include the quality of drinks. The Karisma boasts a self-cleaning system, flushing out the milk to ensure of illustrious hygiene standards. Additionally, many of our machines can be personalised with your own branding, giving visitors a valued insight into the values your company hold.

Whether you’re after something for a boardroom, reception or warehouse, our extensive range of machines will satisfy. Floor standing machines are perfect for busy workplaces with a high number of employees, and practical offerings such as the Momentum slot round your hectic schedule by dispensing a delicious hot drink in less than 20 seconds. The Neo puts style into a floor standing option, and if you only have a select number of employees, there is of course our contemporary range of tabletop alternatives.

Our entire scope of hot drinks machines are available to view over on our website, and each one will unlock a higher productivity level amongst your workforce. It’s all too easy for our working day to drift into a spate of tiredness and low motivation, and the perfect hot drink acts as inspiration for day ahead.

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