New Golden Wonder ‘Chippies’ pave a golden snacking experience.

Golden Wonder 'Chippies' soon to be arriving in a snack machine near you!

Golden Wonder are a top brand that certainly live up to their name, and the history is just as rich as their flavours. Although it may not be of common knowledge to everybody, the company actually began 70 years ago in the small town of Stockbridge, Edinburgh…

1947 was the year, and while the marriage of The Queen and Prince Phillip stole the headlines, William Alexander, the founder of Golden Wonder, quietly went about his business to create the very first batch of Golden Wonder crisps. Little over 13 years later, Golden Wonder soared to new heights to become the brand leader in Scotland, before eventually releasing the very first Golden Wonder ‘flavoured’ crisp in 1962. Cheese and Onion was the flavour, showing just how old the Nation’s favourite truly is.

Over the later years, Golden Wonder adapted their range to offer alternative brands, though it is the original that we want to share with you today. Our snack machines have stocked Golden Wonder crisps for years, and now we have a few more options that will soon be on offer in your workplace.

The brand has recently released ‘Chippies’, a tasty treat that we will take in three flavours. Ready Salted and Salt and Vinegar are two varieties you can soon enjoy, as many of us rightly prefer the classic flavours. Perfect as a mid-morning snack or as an accomplice for your lunch time sandwich, these two options are set to be a roaring success. Additionally, we will also be taking the ‘Chip Shop Curry’ flavour, an adventurous choice that is sure to put a fiery kick into your working day. Midweek is often filled with the longing sensation for Friday night, and with this unique alternative, you can put the best of the chip shop into your daily snacking experience.

Coinadrink are committed to placing big branded snacks in your workplace, and you’ll definitely want to keep an eye out for these.

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