Appreciating professionals on World FM Day…

Celebrating professionals on FM Day!

This years’ FM Day has rolled round again, a global celebration that highlights the contribution of the industry to a range of businesses. Recognising the hard work that FM professionals put in on a daily basis, Coinadrink’s long line of refreshment solutions could help take some of the load off their shoulders…

Facilities Management is about the wellbeing of employees to help them get on with their role, and this years’ theme for the event, ‘Enabling Positive Experiences’, is very fitting. Our services deliver expert refreshments in the workplace, from our contemporary water coolers to our elegant hot drinks machines, and each dispenser carries plenty of benefits to help your staff through the working day.

You don’t need us to inform you about the importance of hydration, but its worrying that many don’t take notice of the warnings. Our water coolers offer healthy hydration on demand, keeping our brain working to its full potential to ensure of clearer focus and a higher productivity level.

Our hot drinks machines craft beverages that taste as though they have been brewed from the finest of Barista’s. Either in a floor standing or tabletop variety, they are perfect for almost any business, and can give us a welcome boost when we’re feeling low during the working day.

Our machines and coolers are designed with the wellbeing of employees in mind, parallel to the intentions of FM. The industry appoints up to 10% of the UK’s working population and is one of the fastest growing professions in the country. At the forefront of this event are the people who help Facilities Management happen, and how they work to try and make it beneficial for everyone no matter what line of business they are in.

Many companies simply wouldn’t operate appropriately without the intervention of those in the industry. Here at Coinadrink we only wish to help professionals with the fantastic work they do on a day to day basis, and feel our refreshment solutions can help considerably.

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