Install a cooler, and top up your mind…

Top up your mind with one of our water coolers!

Water: something so simple, yet so powerful. Revitalising our mind and body in ways little else can, water is the key to unlocking a higher productivity level in the workplace, and this is something that any employer simply cannot afford to pass up. We’ll tell you now: you need a water cooler in your workplace.

We’re frequently reminded about the need to consume enough fluids, yet it’s still a topic that gets pushed to the back of our minds when the stresses of the working day take hold. We’re here to remind you that even slight dehydration can be very serious, and it goes without saying that it will have a detrimental effect on the performance of your employees. Our brain is made up of 60% water, and all of our vital organs need regular fluids in order to function the way they should.

Ask yourself this. Have you ever felt tired during the working day, like you just don’t have the energy for your tasks? Chances are, it’s because your simply not drinking enough, and if you’re feeling low, there’s no reason why your staff won’t be too. Furthermore, dehydration can lead to headaches and cramps, symptoms that are often enough to call in sick…

It’s staggering to know that all of this can so easily be avoided. Coinadrink are experts in refreshments, and have a long line of contemporary water coolers ideal for different types of workplaces. Plumbed in or bottled, or even a forward thinking tap system, our water solutions will ensure your business will be put back on track to healthy hydration, making deliciously cold water easily accessible at all times. The importance of hydration is easily forgotten, and placing a cooler in your business may just give your workforce the incentive they need to get up from their desk.

So why wait? The longer you do, the longer you are putting your staff’s’ best interests at risk. Visit the website for everything we offer, and take action on dehydration once and for all!

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