Enjoy your favourite on National Beverage Day!

National Beverage Day is the perfect opportunity to enjoy your favourite!

As you’d expect for a vending company, beverages are a pretty big deal to us. Cold, hot, or sparkling, we love them all, and news that there’s a day dedicated to them is music to our ears. It may be an ‘event’ in which the origins extend to just a few months back (to our knowledge, anyway), but all good things have to start somewhere, and Coinadrink are happy that people are now being encouraged to enjoy their favourite beverage!

For many of us, our drink of choice is one that’s now available in a place where we spend a lot of time; our workplace. Coinadrink have been pushing the boundaries of innovation for 55 years to not only ensure that this is the case, but to also ensure that they’re available in a way that’s both easy to use and easy on the eye. You see, refreshments are more than what it says on the tin, and the hidden benefits mean they should attract all, and be available to all.

Take our stunning range of tap systems and water coolers. They’re hiding an array of benefits in their premium image, and the refreshingly cool water it serves also has a great deal to hide. When you realise that our brain is made up of 70% water and regularly needs topping up to fight signs of low focus and productivity, its then that you understand how powerful that cup of water you’re holding is. Then there’s our contemporary scale of hot drinks machines, just as much of a ‘must’ as a water cooler, and equally available to businesses of all types and sizes. Providing staff with coffee, tea and hot chocolate, we’d like to bet that their treasured beverage is to be found here, and like a glass of water, each one can boost our mood considerably to motivate us in a way little else can.

Many of us are also partial to an alternative cold drink, and for good reason, with big brands such as Coca Cola and Pepsi providing a tasty source of refreshment. So, you’ll be pleased to know we offer cold drinks machines, too!

Whatever your favourite beverage is, chances are we can make it readily available in your business, providing it’s not of an alcoholic variety of course! If you do have a dispenser installed in your workplace, make sure you visit regularly, and you may just be surprised at the benefits for your mind and body..

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