Karisma – cool, calm and collected.

A tabletop hot drinks machine is one of the best gifts of the season!

Coinadrink have a range of stylish hot drinks machines guaranteed to give the image of your business a boost, though few more so than the Karisma, a stylish tabletop that is at home in high-end hotels and businesses.

This forward-thinking machine packs masses of technology into its stunning frame, being able to dispense up to 200 drinks an hour from eight flavoursome varieties. These include the favourable Cafe Latte, Cappuccino and Espresso, and all are crafted using the Z4000 brewing system which ensures of a consistent quality every time.

Embedded in the machine is a variable chamber, which is able to grind the coffee beans differently depending upon the chosen beverage, while the three stainless steel boilers are set to three different temperatures, meaning the coffee, hot water and steam are all dispensed equally and at the same time. If that wasn’t enough, the Karisma boasts a Fresh Milk system that adheres to hygiene standards in dispensing milk from the optional attached fridge, giving your hot drink a unique flavour.

Such talent ensures your hot drink will taste as though it has derived from the finest of Barista’s, all of which goes to show the rapid journey that vending has progressed on. If you want to impress your clients, even the most demanding of which, rest assured that the stainless steel Karisma will accommodate every time. It’s a compact machine with a colossal personality.

You’d be right in thinking that a fresh milk machine needs regular cleaning, but you’d be wrong in thinking that you have to take care of it. The Karisma has the brains to understand when it needs to be flushed through, and the practical touchscreen gives you a step by step guide in order to let it get on with its job. It’s like having a dedicated cleaner inside the machine, and something that few other hot drinks machines can boast.

The Karisma is an upmarket hot drinks machine, designed specifically for the most elite of businesses. You could certainly do much worse than to have one installed in your workplace.

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