The new Vitro – stylish, practical and irresistible.

The elegant Vitro from Coinadrink

With such a dynamic range of tabletop hot drinks machines, it’s hard to select a standout performer. However, the stunning Vitro is certainly mixing with the stars. Featuring a touchscreen selection process and a smoked glass and chrome finish, this tabletop combines elegance with practicality. It shows upon first glance, it shows upon first use and shows upon first sip.

Most businesses have important cliental visiting on a regular basis, and providing a good impression is of paramount importance; it can determine whether you get their business. The Vitro will go a long way to providing just that, with its angular design unrivalled by anything else in the industry. Never before has a hot drinks dispenser looked quite so stunning.

Smartphones, tablets and even many laptops have had touchscreen tech for years, and it’s easy to see why. The best selection tool is your fingerprint, and with no buttons to press, it leaves you looking at one clear screen when making your choice.

Choice, of which, is aplenty. Bean to cup options for your coffee and fresh leaf for your tea ensures of genuine quality that is unrivalled elsewhere, and ten different varieties of hot drinks available means you can put these talents to the test in any beverage that tickles your taste buds. Believe us when we say that you won’t be left disappointed.

The Vitro really does ‘kill two birds with one stone’ as they say. A gorgeous range of hot drinks will leave even the fussiest person satisfied, while the classy finish boosts the image of your business considerably. Take a look at the website today for a closer inspection, and give your company a makeover!


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